• Pete

    About Pete

  • We are a dynamic creative design company centrally located in Derby. With more than 30 years experience, we create compelling brand propositions, websites and campaigns. We are committed to helping our clients grow through continuous creative support.

    It all started back in 1987 when a young, creative and ambitious chap with a post office savings account and a ponytail decided to 'go it alone'...




    Head honcho, numero uno, the big cheese with a bionic knee and laser vision. Golf in the summer skiing in the winter, naturally.



    A senior designer - creative, smiley and fuelled by barista style coffee. She's already worn out one machine.



    A senior designer. A creative whirlwind - which explains the hair. Queen of the print scene - we all bow to her judgement.



    Guru of the dark arts of the back end of the internet thingy. He's got a digital spanner and he knows how to use it.



    A man who wears many hats (and a helmet). One day he's a designer, the next he's trying to fix the coffee machine - not to mention his admin skills.



    In line with current trends, all our IT requirements are now being serviced by our new state-of-the-art AI, PETE, while we're all off playing Fortnite.